Life Is…

It is the soldier coming home from war, beaming ear-to-ear as he kisses his wife and gleefully scoops up his little girl for the first time in months.

It is the timeless scene in a film that we love. When the story consumes us and the world stops spinning… and we forget for a moment that we’re watching a movie.

It is the orange glow of the morning sun peering over the horizon. The feeling of hearing the perfect melody… Where every single note is exactly where it should be. It is the line in a song that brings tears to your eyes.

It is the timeless words of a good book. The blissful experience of laughing and weeping along with the characters in a story we have come to adore.

It is fall on a college campus. The explosion of colors that dance high in the trees. It is the deafening roar of a crowded stadium after a glorious run for a touchdown.

It is the crisp air of the beach and the cool air of the mountains. The sense of smallness one feels while looking out over the ocean.

It is the thunderous crash of a thunderstorm and the breathtaking rainbow that fills the sky afterward. The spectacular sight of millions of stars brightly lighting up the night.

It is a great laugh. Not a giggle or smirk, but a moment of side-hurting hilarity shared among friends. The kind of laugh that can only be experienced, as it is impossible to put into words.

It is the thoughtful note from a friend and the whispered words of a lover. The wonderful tension that hangs in the air when two people start to fall in love.

It is the flutter of a young boy’s heart when he locks eyes with the girl he likes from across the room. And the unique mixture of courage and terror he feels in his chest when he talks to her for the first time.

It is the kind of love shared between a mother and her son… Or between a father and his daughter.

It is the thousand silent words that are said when a proud father hugs the son he loves so dearly.

It is the thrill of the ultrasound and the soft cry of a newborn in the arms of new parents.

It is the dream of making a difference in the world. The short moments of pristine clarity when all of life’s questions and doubts seem to vanish… And everything seems so clear.

It is the soul-crushing loss of a loved one and the stinging pain of betrayal. It is the piercing knife of loneliness and the paralyzing fear of failure.

It is the ache of being so far away from the person you can’t stop thinking about.

It is the warm embrace of a friend and the tears cried into the shoulders of brothers.

It is both the heartwarming love story and the tearful eulogy. It is the wedding announcement and the obituary. It is success and failure. Fear and trust. Joy and pain.

It is every man’s battle with God. The lifelong search for Truth and the ceaseless wrestling of doubt. It is pondering the grand mystery that lies beyond the door of death.

It is seeing a person act selflessly. It is both the immense weight of guilt and the extraordinary experience of Grace.

It is the quiet longing for hope and the freedom in finding redemption.

It is found in the moments we never forget. The memories we tell one another over and over with great big smiles on our faces.

It is the space between what has been, what is and what is to come.

It is having the patience to wait and the humility to trust.

These words attempt to paint a picture of life as we know it.

And this writer believes that above all else…

Life is Love.



Fear is the voice that lives in me.

He is quiet, yet loud. Small, but strong.

He is a whisper commanding an army of thoughts.
The dense fog that makes it hard to see.

He is the gate between where I am and where I’m going.
The guard who stands at the door of my dreams.

He is a master of lies — The best lawyer I know.
He is awfully cunning — The slyest of foes.

Though he speaks with timidity, his words carry far.
Bouncing off the walls of my heart, they leave many a scar.

Fear is a parasite attached to my life.
A leech — the cause of much sorrow & strife.

A brilliant orator with the hardest of hearts,

Those who listen stand frozen — Paralyzed from the start.

But fear himself is fearful — oh the irony!

A small man with a large shadow…

He is forever intimidating, yet terribly afraid.

A small burst of faith is all that it takes
to knock fear from his post — And his words have no weight.

Oh, that we would all see (though it is difficult, indeed)

That fear is a but a wolf — a wolf without teeth.

To the few who refuse to answer fear’s tempting call…
Fear is but a loud voice in an empty room

With no power at all.

The Storm


Today my soul is restless —
A storm with thunderous waves
The water crashes against the boat,
And I know I’m far from brave

The wind is growing louder,
The ocean air turns cold —
The waves are getting stronger,
And I fear the worst will soon unfold

I cry aloud, “Why won’t it stop?”
As the tears stream down my face —
I clutch the boat with trembling hands
And dream of a loved one’s warm embrace

Hours pass. Then days. Then weeks —
I fear my heart can’t take much more
This storm will take me — I know it so,
For I am weak and numb and sore

And just as I fear the end is near,
A light appears — behold, the shore!
I looked once more, and truth be told,
It was as if my heart felt fear no more

A light pierced through the darkened clouds
As I was carried to the sand
I wondered why I ever worried —
My Lord holds the Earth in His hand.

Then a voice from heaven said to me
(Or was it in my mind?),
“Will, why did you fear?
Don’t you know that you are mine?”

That voice I heard — so strong, so calm —
It brought me to my knees
And I tried in vain to say a word
To the One who rescued me.

“Why did I worry? What did I fear?”
That was all that I could say
My God commands the winds and waves —
There is nothing in His way

And so I learned from that great storm
That when the waves grow tall,
There is but one thing I can do —
To trust the One who reigns over all.

Oh, that I would remember this lesson from that storm —
It seems I forget all too often when the clouds above darken…

That from Him my life was formed!