Fear is the voice that lives in me.

He is quiet, yet loud. Small, but strong.

He is a whisper commanding an army of thoughts.
The dense fog that makes it hard to see.

He is the gate between where I am and where I’m going.
The guard who stands at the door of my dreams.

He is a master of lies — The best lawyer I know.
He is awfully cunning — The slyest of foes.

Though he speaks with timidity, his words carry far.
Bouncing off the walls of my heart, they leave many a scar.

Fear is a parasite attached to my life.
A leech — the cause of much sorrow & strife.

A brilliant orator with the hardest of hearts,

Those who listen stand frozen — Paralyzed from the start.

But fear himself is fearful — oh the irony!

A small man with a large shadow…

He is forever intimidating, yet terribly afraid.

A small burst of faith is all that it takes
to knock fear from his post — And his words have no weight.

Oh, that we would all see (though it is difficult, indeed)

That fear is a but a wolf — a wolf without teeth.

To the few who refuse to answer fear’s tempting call…
Fear is but a loud voice in an empty room

With no power at all.


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