The Storm


Today my soul is restless —
A storm with thunderous waves
The water crashes against the boat,
And I know I’m far from brave

The wind is growing louder,
The ocean air turns cold —
The waves are getting stronger,
And I fear the worst will soon unfold

I cry aloud, “Why won’t it stop?”
As the tears stream down my face —
I clutch the boat with trembling hands
And dream of a loved one’s warm embrace

Hours pass. Then days. Then weeks —
I fear my heart can’t take much more
This storm will take me — I know it so,
For I am weak and numb and sore

And just as I fear the end is near,
A light appears — behold, the shore!
I looked once more, and truth be told,
It was as if my heart felt fear no more

A light pierced through the darkened clouds
As I was carried to the sand
I wondered why I ever worried —
My Lord holds the Earth in His hand.

Then a voice from heaven said to me
(Or was it in my mind?),
“Will, why did you fear?
Don’t you know that you are mine?”

That voice I heard — so strong, so calm —
It brought me to my knees
And I tried in vain to say a word
To the One who rescued me.

“Why did I worry? What did I fear?”
That was all that I could say
My God commands the winds and waves —
There is nothing in His way

And so I learned from that great storm
That when the waves grow tall,
There is but one thing I can do —
To trust the One who reigns over all.

Oh, that I would remember this lesson from that storm —
It seems I forget all too often when the clouds above darken…

That from Him my life was formed!


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